NOTE: The Liquid Revolution is mostly on hiatus these days at Matt Jenson's creative output has been focused on his work with GROUNDATION and with his groundbreaking online reggae educational platform. ART OF REGGAE.


A powerful 6-piece group built on a foundation of rock-solid REAL ROOTS REGGAE dance grooves. Joining reggae’s long mission of revolutionary consciousness-raising, the Liquid Revolution expresses the cry of alternative global thinking in this era of climate crisis and extreme economic injustice. The band’s poetically insightful songs not only strike at the heart of these issues, (with inspiration taken from such activists as Naomi Klein, Cornel West, Noam Chomsky, and Bob Marley), but are also joyful expressions of love, spirituality and commitment to harnessing the tribal power of sound and rhythm to transform the mind, body and soul.

"Traveling not only roads of progressive revolutionary thought, but also on roads of the heart."

                                                             - Anthony Postman, editor in chief, Reggae Festival Guide Magazine

"Mixing music, politics, philosophy, heart and humor. Precious few have done that."

                                                             - Cyril Lance, Chief Engineer, Moog Music

"The Liquid Revolution is a breath of fresh air...clean air."

                                                             - Malcom Carnwath, fan

dragonfly taxi album

matt's first cd

Questioning the corporate naming of public spaces, asking what it will take to be truly free, praising the visionary progressive authors of today, turning corporate slogans up side down, speaking of higher commitments inspired by the Bhagavad Gita, culture jamming mainstream advertising and professing deep love.  This is the Dragonfly Taxi album. 

Check out the lyric sheets and info as you listen (click on it.)

Watch out for the satire ads :)

Merging his love of jazz, rock and reggae, it's showcases his roots, later more fully developed on the Dragonfly Taxi album.