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Jamaica trip, 2017-4 Football at Bob's house, Stephen Marley, Marie Bruce

Football (soccer) match at 56 Hope Road, Bob Marley's house: the great tradition continues!

These 10 BLOG posts are from my amazing trip to Jamaica where I was conducting research for the Newbury Comics Faculty Fellowship grant I received (from Berklee College of Music, where I am associate professor of piano and teach a class on Bob Marley) to produce a reggae education video.

I met Ms. Marie Bruce, the charismatic director of the Bob Marley Foundation at the International Reggae Conference (at University of West Indies, Mona) last week and today she set up a meeting with Stephen Marley. Stephen has some BIG plans for educational programs and a school in Jamaica. He loved the concept of my Marley class! Our official meeting place was on Bob's front door steps where he (Bob) spent a lot of time reasoning. By the time this photo op came, Stephen had moved away, his attention being taken by the foot ball (soccer) game starting up. Picture: Maria Bruce and myself on the steps. Video: something you'd see often during Bob's time. AND if you pay attention this ain't no amateur game going on as must be expected. There was some SERIOUS ball control going on. I thoroughly enjoyed myself watching this game and imagining the similar vibe during Bob's time.

...with Marie Bruce (who also performed on the binghi drum with Bongo Herman. See post #1) Sittin' on Bob's door step.

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