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The Liquid Revolution Band a powerful 6-piece band built on a foundation of rock-solid REGGAE and AFRO-LATIN dance grooves.  Joining reggae’s long mission of revolutionary consciousness-raising, the Liquid Revolution expresses the cry of alternative global thinking in this era of climate crisis and extreme economic injustice. The band’s poetically insightful songs not only strike at the heart of these issues, but are also joyful expressions of love, spirituality and commitment to harnessing the tribal power of sound and rhythm to transform the mind, body and soul.


(Based in Boston, MA. USA)

educational programs

while on tour

The Liquid Revolution has a deep commitment to and world-class expertise in the educational field that is an extension of their consciousness raising mission. Band members Matt Jenson (piano, vocals) and Winston Maccow (bass) are charismatic professors at the world-renowned Berklee College of Music. Along with expertise from other band members and collaborations with leading educators and activists, they offer a wide variety of workshops, clinics and masterclasses (for musicians and non musicians) that are inspiring, effective and fun! 

Read Matt Jenson's teaching philosophy. His official bio.

Read Matt's bio on Berklee College of Music website.

Read Winston Maccow's bio on Berklee College website.


the music and life of bob marley class

An immersion experience where students not only play arrangements of Marley's music but they learn about Marley's amazing life experience and how it shaped his deeply conscious artistry. Directly experience this music that transcends all human boundaries drenched in an absolutely POSITIVE VIBRATION!  Taught by Matt Jenson and available in customizable formats/lengths.

"You really inspired me to buckle down and take this thing to the next level."- Jomo Slusher, Student
"I loved the class. It changed my life."  - Lauren Hendrix, Student

the art of reggae

A ground breaking and deeply researched educational platform teaching the artistry of playing reggae in an ensemble or private instruction format for bass, drums, guitar, keyboards, percussion and vocals. Reggae is a relatively simple form of music which makes it easily accessible to all but to really 'get it' one must understand the many varied subtleties of each instrument, the feel and cultural background. The Art of Reggae approach deftly explains this music with 'nuff respect to its roots. See the "Art of Reggae Guitar, (w/ Tuff Lion)" video below for a taste (1.7m hits!).

Check out Matt's blog entries regarding his recent research trip to Jamaica.

private instruction

One-on-one (piano, keyboards, bass, drums, percussion, guitar) or ensemble instruction in almost any popular style on the planet with a focus on:
1) Latin (Afro-Cuban) styles, 2) Reggae styles, 3) Jazz styles, 4) Blues/R&B and Rock styles.

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